3 easiest way to monetize a blog from day 1

There is no doubt that blogging is one of the lucrative ways you could make money online, however, if you don’t monetize your blog well you would not make the kind of money you want to make. I have seen this mistake over and over again, where bloggers don’t just get things right. They choose one monetization model and it doesn’t work and they stick to it.

So today I will be telling you five ways you can monetize your blog without distorting the user experience of your website.

Google AdSense

Many people believe that Google adsense actually kills the user experience on a blog or website. For me, it depends on how you use it. As a matter of fact, Google adsense can actually increases the user experience of your blog. For instance, if I have a blog concerning insurance and I place some ads from Google that match with that term “insurance” as far as I’m concerned my readers will find it more useful if it were there than not.

So the idea behind running Google ads on your site is to enhance the user experience, show them what they may be interested in. Come to think of it, if they are not interested, they won’t click on it and you won’t get paid so make sure to treat your Google adsense dashboard in such a way that it displays ads which are completely related to your content so let’s move on to the next one.

Affiliate marketing

After Google adsense, this is the next big thing. Affiliate marketing is a business model whereby you refer your readers to a merchants website and if they make a purchase within a particular period of time, you get a commission. Many bloggers are making thousands of Dollars every month through affiliate marketing and the great thing about it is you don’t keep inventory of any product, you don’t deal with the delivery, all you do is refer people to the merchant and you get a commission if a sale is made.

I don’t actually don’t recommend you use banner to promote affiliate products, I actually believe that internal links works better. internal links are links that are inserted into certain keywords in your article /bl blog post. Thet convert better and get more clicks.

you can use a plugin like thirsty affiliates to automate the entire insertion process, because I know affiliate links are somehow lengthy so what you do is install the thirsty affiliate plugin and it will help you inserts your affiliate link automatically.

Sell ebooks

eBook is currently one of the leading digital products you can sell today. An eBook is simply just a PDF format of information which you could sell off the internet. One thing I like about digital product is the fact that you could get it once and sell it over and over again, it doesn’t matter whether you sell it 10 times or you sell it 10000 times, you only spent a single directed efforts to create the product onces. so ask your audience what exactly they want from you and they can buy and you can take the answers and put it into an info product which in this case is an eBook and sell it for a profit.

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