3 niches you should avoid if you are not a problogger

In blogging, one of the things that determine the success of your blog is the niche you pick.

This is exactly where beginners in blogging get crush, they pick a niche beavause it suddenly sounds cool or because there are a lot of blogs in that niche that are famous and making a lot of money.

Today I am going to be telling you some of the niches you should never engage in if you are not a problogger.

And if you are already in one of them and you see reasons with me, I will advise you sell your thriving blog to someone who got more experience and influence than you.

So let us get started with the list of some highly densed and populated niches that should be left for the experts to handle.

Make money online niche

This niche is very enticing to new bloggers because of the high affiliate payout products related to their products. But when you consider the workforce of the blogs who are actually crushing it in this niche, you will see that there is certainly no chance of a novice in the blogging industry making a mark in that niche.

Also regarding the fact that most people fake figures because they are teaching others to do what they have never done.

It’s simple guys. This is a no go area for new bloggers, if you think I am trying to scare you from forming a competition with me, you can give it a try and see for yourself.


The invasion of newspapers and prominent press companies into the blogging industry has vandalized this niche for non corporate blogger.

Companies such as legit.ng, vanguard newspaper and punch and Sahara reporters completely dominate these niches and it seems that Google has given them an edge over all other political bloggers because of their credibility and authority.

The cellular music download niche

Even when it comes to getting your blog approved by Google adsense in this niche, it is very difficult. Even if you feel like opening a music download website, you would do much better if you can narrow down to a music niche like gospel music or maybe the musics of a particular musican.

For instance, you can choose a blog niche that deals only on all pop musics sang by Micheal Jackson.

Tips to choose a niche.

There are a lot of rules you should put into consideration when picking a blog niche.

Some of them areĀ 


If you do not have sufficient knowledge in a particular niche, though matter how high the cost per click is or how easy it is to earn an affiliate commison, you should skip the opportunity .

If you are writing on a niche you do not have sufficient knowledge about, you would be either faking an authoritative writing tone or lacking one.

And one of Google’s principal ranking factor is expertise.

Low competition

If you must see any result at all for the first year of your blog, them you should pick a niche that has little competition but has search volume.

If you pick a niche that has a high competition, you may find it difficult to rank and even when you do, you would not be able to maintain it for long.

Guaranteed search volume

It doesn’t matter how small the search volume is, you can still be make a good chunk if money from it.

As long as your can predict your blog, getting up to 30,000 page views monthly, it is okay.

In case you do not know how to determine the amount of search volume a website has, you can go use some keyword analysis tools like smush, ubersuggest and Moz pro.

Available affiliate programs

This is very important because if you pick a niche that does not have some well established affiliate programs, you may find it difficult to monetize your website. At least you should have up to two affiliate programs you can actively participate in apart from Jumia and Amazon.

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