3 ways to market your digital products online

When it comes to selling a digital product, marketing is key. If you don’t market your digital products well, you will end of wasting time, effort and money.

In fact, the major difference between a digital product that got sold a thousand times and that which got sold five times lies in the marketing tactics deployed.

Today I am going to be showing you some of the major ways you can market your digital product like an expert without having a bulk of money.

But before we go further, you have to make sure that some things are right. 

Some example of these things are the presentation, copy and price.

I would briefly talk about two of them


The price you set on a particular product can either determine it’s success or pioneer it’s failure. Your products doesn’t always have to be cheap and affordable. Many people have the motion that cheap products sell faster, this is absolutely not true. In fact, raising the prices of your products in most cases does not affect the sales. So what’s the right price, you may ask. The right price is that that suits your product. Let the quality and value of your product determine the price you place on it.

Once people can perceive that the product is actually worth the price, you would be smiling to the bank everyday.


This is the short form of copywriting. Copywriting is the act of using captivating and compelling words to attract sales. What do you put on your sales page?  Does it encourage people to make a purchase, if NO, you may want to consider changing it.

The difference in a copy is the way it makes the potential buyer feel concerning the product.

So let’s get into the various ways you can promote your digital product online without having a warehouse of funding.

Content marketing

There is a common saying that says content is King on the web, This is true. The backbone of any internet based company lies on the content around it. However, this does not generate instant sales as it would cost a lot of time to develop and nurture. However, once it is done rightly, it could generate a tremendous amount of sales in such an amazing way where you don’t have to lift a pen.

So how do you get started? I will break this down into three steps.

  • Research
  • Write
  • Utilize

The research aspect of it is very critical. You have to find out what content people are searching for that is related to your product. For instance, if you are selling an info product on “taking care of a 5 years old child”, you may want to consider enquiring about the exact questions parents and guardians often go to the web to seek. Once you got a bulk of them, you are done.

The next step is to write detailed answers to these questions in form of an article. If you don’t have an idea on onpage search engine optimization, I would advise you get some because it will come up useful in the process.

Remember, the main aim to go get traffic from Google so search engine optimization is key.

So let’s go to the final step

Once you have answered people’s questions successfully, you must not forget that the main goal is to attract people who will be interested in your product to your website. So find ways of traditionally (without affecting the content) telling them about uour product.

You can do this by adding links going to your sales page in your content or placing colorful ads of your products within paragraphs.

Facebook Marketing

This is a very powerful form of marketing and it yields almost immediate results. Facebook Marketing in a professional context involves running Facebook ads. One reason why Facebook ads is so powerful is the fact that it allows you to target exactly who you want, therefore enabling you save more money while attaining maximum profit.

For instance, if you sell male shoes, you would not have your ads shown to females. Facebook gives you the complete power to control who sees your ads using various categorizing criteria such as gender, age, country, state, interest etc.

So to engage in Facebook Marketing, you would need a sales page or a landing page and an expert in running Facebook ads to help you set things up.

When people who are interested in such products as you sell see your ads, they will be forwarded to your sales page.

Facebook ads in Africa typically cost a maximum of #15 per each person sent to your sales page or landing page. However, it strictly depends on a lot of other factors.

Video Marketing

This is actually the last tip I have for you and it works like magic. It is actually similar to the first Marketing technique I told you about (content marketing). All you do different here is creating videos for YouTube instead of writing contents for Google search.

Just in case you don’t know, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and the largest video search engine in the world.

In creating your videos, make sure they are interactive and mind capturing. To increase your sound quality, I would always recommend you use a collar microphone.

So what are your waiting for? Pick one of these Marketing technique and start right away, if you want till tomorrow, you may regret not starting today. Remember, a journey of a thousand miles start with a single step.

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