5 mistakes new bloggers make

When it comes to blogging, there are a lot of mistake new bloggers make that deny them a blissful feature. There are tons of blog post on the internet on various tips to starting a profitable blog but man of them quite ignore these things I am about to tell you. 

So if you have not yet started your blog, consider yourself lucky to have stumbled on this articles.

Today I will be revealing to you the things that you should do that you are not doing and the things you should not do that you are actually doing.

So let’s get started.

Monetizing your blog too early.

This is actually a wrong approach to blogging. If you start monetizing your blog during it’s early stage, it may actually do more harm than good.

Take a look at the most popular tech companies in the world such as Facebook and Google. When you take time to notice their history, you would notice that despite they were helping and solving major problems from day one, they did not start monetizing their blog from day one.

So the big question now is, when should I begin to monetize my blog? 

I will give you a very straight forward answer. Once you blog begins to hit a thousand daily pageviews, it a sign that you can start monetizing it.

Not collecting emails from day one

This is not new as every single person who does business online now knows the power and strength of having a viable and well targeted email list.

Even if your budget is small and it would not be enough for you to sign up for a premium email marketing software like getresponse and aweber, you can try some free softwares that will do the work just fine.

I strictly recommend using mailmunch. Mailmunch would allow you to collect as many emails as possible unlike MailChimp that only allows up to a thousand emails for a free plan.

Thank goodness, I almost forgot. Do not always forget to send out a warm email to each subscriber after they have subscribed into your email list. This will help start a relationship that could be very useful later on.

Picking cheaper tools over expensive once.

When it comes to blogging, I feel it should be taken as a business in order to attain a maximum height.

Therefore you should not hesitate to invest in the best technological expertise that would positively impart your business as long as it is within your financial strength.

Most people begin a professional blog using a free hosting and they expect to compete with those who pay hundreds of dollars yearly for their web hosting servers. This is an unfair situation and you would not have a level ground to compete with others.

Forgetting to learn more

The moment most bloggers receive their first $100 pay check from Google, they will suddenly think they have arrived and ignore the need to keep learning new skills from those ahead of them.

Do not fall into this trap. In business, learning is a continuous process. The moment you stop learning, you start dying.

You should always follow blogs like ryrob.com, backlinko and a host of others.

YouTube also serves as a huge source of knowledge for people from all works of life. As a blogger, you can connect with your favorite celebrity bloggers on YouTube. You can also follow a channel like income school, I assure you, you will like it.

Blogging about how to make money blogging.

Many bloggers failed in their respective niches and then resolve that the best way to make it is to teach other how to blog in a new blog. 

They want to copy pro bloggers like Pat flynn, Ryan Robinson and the rest who make up to $20,000 monthly from their blog.

In this regard, the rule is simple. If you haven’t made money blogging, never begin a blog that will teach others how to blog. If you do, you will end up wasting your time and money because you will certainly be crushed.


I know sometimes when your blog is not growing the way you expected, you may be discouraged.

However, you should take into consideration that Rome was not built in one day.

Keep working and you will be shocked how soon you would arrive in your dream Land.

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