5 ways to avoid being scammed online

There are a lot of people currently online looking for who to rob of their hard earned money.

These unique set of evil and heartless people are called internet scammers. They have various tactics skills and schemes which they use to rob the general public of their income

Today I would not be telling you about the ways they do this notorious acts instead I will be telling you on how to avoid falling a victim to their schemes.

Trust me, whenever you are being scammed online, you will feel so miserable. In fact, it doesn’t matter how small theoney is, for the fact you were cheated or someone played on your intelligence would piss you off. And the truth is, you can hardly track them. In fact, out of every 100 internet fraud that is made, only 1 is being caught. 

This is because these people know how weak the system is and they capitalize on the weakness of these financial systems to scam people while protecting themselves from being tracked.

So let’s quickly go through the various ways you can avoid been scammed online

Do not be greedy

The reason why most people fall a victim for all these online scammers is because they want to get rich quick without putting in the work required to make it happen.

They feel so happy when someone tells them to invest ten thousand naira, go to sleep and get fifty thousand naira after three days.

I have a motto that will help you. Any money I don’t work for is not good. This has helped me keep my eyes away from all these scammers. When ever I just see a post on Facebook or Whatsapp, telling me to invest and earn, I simply skip it.

Avoid Sharing your personal details with people you don’t know

many online scam has capitalised on your personal details to scam you. All they need to do is to get a couple of informations about your personal life and they will know your best weakness.

Remember, every man has a weakness. So try to keep your weaknesses away from the general public as this could be used against you.

Never share your bank details to anyone you do not know.

Your bank account details are meant to be your personal details. Do not share them for any reason.

These days it is even risky to share your personal bank account number with business clients, instead open a business account with your business name and use it to receive payments from clients.

Having a business account would help you avoid the Nigerian police force. I know you know how troublesome they can be when it comes to issues of internet scam.

Do not register with any business that is not registered with the Government legally.

You hardly find a registered companies stealing people’s money. So before you do business with any company, do make sure to cross check their registration number.

Don’t take their words for it. Many internet fraudster fake the number and you only get to find out when they have eventually scammed you. 

So before you do business with anyone that claims to be a registered companies, always validate the company is truly registered.

Avoid Ponzi schemes and get rich quick forum.

One thing most people do not really know is that a Ponzi scheme can never last forever. It will always eventually end with some people, in fact, a lot of people in tears, pain and loss.

Unfortunately, people always love quick and easy money that is why even after what MMM did to a lot of people, people would still invest in any Ponzi scheme that comes their way.

The earlier you run from Ponzi schemes like MMM and Yellonaira and income forums like Lpv forum and Atpays, the better for you.

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