5 WordPress tips for beginners

WordPress is one of the most popular content management softwares. in fact it is mostly said that was Chris powers over 60% of the websites on the web so if you are starting a blog or you already have a blog there’s a boy high probability that your blog runs on this popular software called WordPress.

however, many people don’t get things right when they are creating their blog on WordPress. This is because the software gives you complete control over your own blog. So today I’m going to be sharing with you some vital tips on how you should optimize your blog using wordpress. These tips are so vital, most of them are important why some majorly boost the performance of your blog in due time.

So let’s get started now

Properly setting up permalink from the beginning

permalink are how your blog post links appear. If you are starting a new blog, I would advise you to place your permalink to a certain way whereby you just get your domain name/post title by default. WordPress by default comes with a permalink that displays the date of the Post before the post. However, if your blog is old and it got most of your page indexed by Google search engine, I advise you not to change them as you may get some 404 errors, just leave them like that. Although it doesn’t have any effect on SEO, but it sounds more mature and easy for people to banklink to your blog post.

Now to change the pattern of your permalinks all you need to do is log in to your WordPress dashboard and go to the part where it says setting, click setting and you will see the part where it says permalink, you can now click on it to change your permalink to your preferred choice

Pick a theme that works for you

Now what I will say but this is that it doesn’t really affect your blog but you should know exactly what you want from a theme before installing it. Since it doesn’t make sense is installing a blog theme on a forum website. So when you are picking a theme, I don’t necessarily look at the appearance as appearance can be deceitful. Check for the features, what properties do you want in a theme. Do you want a theme with beautiful sidebars, custom headers or footer? Thee truth is plugins slow down your website and could have a negative impact in the future so try and avoid it and choose the right team

Clean up your side bar

What do you have in your side? if it’s not important get rid of it. By default, WordPress comes with a lot of widgets on the sidebar especially meta datas, your login link etc. Those are not necessary, as a matter of fact you will need those sidebars to advertise your ebooks, products or better still for ads. So discongestion your sidebars and footers will be of great benefit. Just don’t leave it with his custom setting, make sure that anything that is not worth staying there is gotten rid of.

Optimize for mobile

if you’re using parts of your blood when your blood is not optimised for mobile you are making a big mistake first of all who are since will not approve your plug if it’s not approved optimised for mobile devices this actually has to do with it seem most teams are now me to be optimised for mobile devices ask studies shows that over 68% of website visitors are using mobile devices so for instance using a premium seem that you didn’t find any WordPress theme directory donation sure to ensure that it is mobile responsive bison bar responsive I mean that it is able to reshape its structure to fit a smaller device screen

Avoid installing a lot of plug-ins 

I remember back then when I started, the joy of having as many plugins as you feel like on your WordPress site. It’s actually feels like fun, but it’s not the best, firstly, plugins slow down your site drastically, secondly, some plug-ins can contain malwares, I guess you have observed the series of update of plugins recently. all these things are there to fix malwares.

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