7 digital product ideas to make money

It is no longer news that digital products are here are to stay. This goes in the long run to be an advantage for both the sellers and user of these digital products.

digital products are so cool because you could create them once and sell them over and over again.

but of course do you talk to that comes in different forms so what are we doing today is I’ll be showing you some of the basic forms of digital products that you can sell on your blog or e-commerce store to make money the main difference between all these various forms of digital products is mostly the format that we should serve it and the function so we are wasting most time let’s get started

Online courses

Online courses is the order of the day, almost everybody who is technically inclined have taken an online course within the past 2 months. So online courses actually means videos, PDF files, tutorials, test scripts that are being packed into one package called an online course. You can make a course on just anything you know people will wants to learn. In fact they are full-blown companies today like lynda.com and udemy who have thousands of courses available for customers. Furthermore you would want to consider putting your course on an already established platforms such as udemy, this is due to the fact that your course would have a greater reach and gain trust.

Website membership

membership websites are so cool, in fact if you could run a membership website successfully, you would never be broke. this is because it’s one of the easiest way to generate recurring revenue online. This is so because what you are simply doing is granting people access to premium part of your website that contain premium contents, videos, podcast and tutorials, just something valuable that people will be willing to pay for and then you can sell access to it month after month. If you ask me this is really cool, do you know you could build your membership site even on WordPress? hell yes, there’s a lot of plugins that would help you transform your WordPress site into a membership site all you need to do is to install a plugin like memberpress or paid membership pro and it will get everything done for you easily.


Worksheets are easy info products you could sell on your blog, it actually cost about $1 to $4. For instance you could create a worksheet on doing a particular stuff. It is usually about 2 to 3 pages and we’ll stocked with useful information that’s your audience would want. and sell fast and easily and could actually bring a huge chunk of revenue at the end of the month

Content template

if you are a writer, creating contents templates for your customers would be a great idea. content template tell them how to structure their contents to improve the user experience. Different niches have their different contents template so you could go into a niche and form a template out of the contents and offer them for sale


actually I didn’t imagine placing ebooks at the position it is now because he books are so cool writing a book once and you said it’s thousands of times it doesn’t cost you anything but one common mistake people make while writing a box is at the light what they want to write you shouldn’t follow this approach for me what I do before writing a book since I asked my readers what do they want what will the be willing to pay for and I’m able to get a huge statistics of work people actually want from my blog that is not there and I offer it in an eBook

Affiliate Marketing

This is not really a digital product but you could actually make money with it without having to ship anything, that is why I decided to put it in this list. you should know what affiliate marketing is already, affiliate marketing is the process of referring your readers to other people’s products on other website and if it’s purchase is made your being paid a commission

WordPress themes and plugins

if you are a programmer or you got some in-depth knowledge about coding, coding a WordPress themes will be a good catch. You could design a theme that will match a particular type of site and sell it. Remember the idea behind digital product is creating once and selling over and over again, so get started coding and desiging your theme and place it on some team marketplace like envato market and you actually get paid anytime your theme is bought, WordPress theme typically cost about $60, so just imagine getting $40 every time your theme is bought. If you are able to sell 1000 copies a year that is about 40 thousand dollars.

On the other hand you may choose to leave themes and begin programming plugins. Plugins help increase the functionality of a WordPress site and their tons of plugins, plugins to receive contact forms, plugins to quit pop-ups, plugins for membership site, whatever you are creating just make sure it’s actually something people want and makes sure it solves a problem. Yes because if it doesn’t solve a problem they would not buy it.

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