How to boost the impressions of your articles on Opera news hub

Opera news hub is the new legit earning platform in Africa where they pay you based on the performance of the articles you publish on the hub.

I can not begin to explain how it actually works here, if you are interested in earning with opera news hub, you can check out the guide on

So today, I am going to be telling you how to increase the reach or impressions of your articles on the hub.

What does the word reach / impression means

These are the number of people who see your articles.

And you do not earn from this number which inventions actually donate how widespread your article went on the hub.

In as much as it doesn’t really count, we must take into consideration that you can’t get a click that surpassed your total reach.

Therefore the number of people that got to see your article actually depends on the number of people that click on it and that in return translates to the amount of money you earn.

so I know you’ll be asking this question, how can I get the algorithm of opera news hub to boost my articles and place it in front of many people as possible.

Today I’ll be answering your questions and also telling you how to get things fixed after this article will show you you will be reaching thousands of people per each article.

How to boost your reach / impression 

Your various ways the algorithm measures how far your article should go and I will telling you some of them.

Write on trending topics

It is no longer news that articles that talk about politics, every and gossips tend to get the highest amount of clicks and impressions on opera news hub. This is because they are actually talking about what is reigning at a particular time, or what is trending. So if you could write articles about trending topics you tend to reach more people than writing stagnant articles like how to make money and how to invest. Always be in line with the happenings around the environment and learn to report events like newspapers do. After all, it is called opera news hub.

To get topics that are currently trending I would recommend you use Google trends.

All you need to do is search for Google trend on Google and it will show you the top searches in your locality.

Any way of getting this viral topics is through Twitter hashtags. Whatever is trending always get the top number of hashtags and you can gain access to that data through Twitter.

Avoid plagarism / write original contents

The moment the Opera news algorithm begins to sense that your contents are not original, they will demote your account and pay less attention to your articles.

So make sure all your articles are written with your own hand. 

And guess what, even if you use a spinning tool on the internet to help rewrite your articles, they will still detect it. I even believe they detect spinned articles better than copied contents.

Use images to your advantage

From recent research, it has been proven that using images that are relevant to your topic tends to enchance the reach of your article.

For an average, you should have at least one photo for ever hundred words. 

Ons significant way photos help rank your article is that it helps to increase the time people spend on your website.

Avoid any form of advertising or promoting on your content.

I know something you have never seen. I once wrote an article that had zero reach. I was shocked beyond what I can explain.

This article was about a thousand words and I had put in lot of effort into it. After much questioning, I got to know the reason why the article did not perform well is because of one little sentence I added at the bottom of it which says 

For more advice contact me via +23456789012.

This was what the algorithm spotted that made it penalise my article to the extent where it did not even reach a single reader.

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