How to clone an app on your Android device

Hey guys, today I’m going to be sharing with you how you can actually clone apps on your phone and run them simultaneously in different accounts.

What does it mean to clone an app

This means running same application with two different accounts on one phone. A unique feature that it has is that when you clone an application, you can use both the original and cloned versions without any cross interferance, just as if it were used on two different phones. You can choose to clone your social medias such as whatsapp, facebook, instagram ect.., you can also clone other delicate applications such as banking apps, news apps as well as games. Take whatsapp for example, you can set-up accounts with two different phone numbers and use them simultaneously. Infact, you can use one to chat with the other. 

How do i clone my apps

There are some special apps that can actually clone your apps in matter of seconds. They create a kind of parallel space where by you can run both apps at once. That’s the reason why they don’t interfere or clash with each other. If you go 9n google play store and search for an app that can clone your phone, you will find hundreds of them and therefore be faced with a blind decision because you haven’t tried any before. This is the true essence of this post as we are going to be sharing with you some tested and trusted cloning apps to save you the stress of going through their reviews. Now you might be wondering why you can’t just download any of these apps and boom.. you start creating your parallel account.  Well, if you do that you might just be putting your device in danger because, some of these apps contain spyware, viruses, while other don’t just do it’s job. Some might even start well but when it gets to a point where you have saved many valuable information on It, they just crash and all your information are gone, sounds scary right?

I would recommend you install and use CLONE APP. It is easy to use, very reliable, secure and efficient. I have personally tried it and infact, i am currently using it. It has this uniqueness of being very basic and simple to set-up, yet It works like magic. You really should try it. It also has some fun features such as various themes for whatsapp, active vpn, security checking and some stickers and animation for whatsapp. You might be wondering why it is mostly concentrated on whatsapp. This is because whatsapp is one of the few social media where you find it difficult to change accounts.  Unlike facebook where you can just easily log out and log into multiple accounts. You can download it from the Google play store.

 How to set-up CLONE APP

After you install the app, you find it in your menu and click on it. Click on the “add app” icon and select the app you want to clone. Afterwhich you allow it to load and that’s all. You can now open the app and start afresh with the assurance that your previous data is still intact. To make your cloned app more assecible, you can create a short cut of the individual cloned apps and keep them on your home screen. Have some thing confidencial and would like to keep it safe, no problem, you can lock you these apps in the privacy sector where it can only be assessed by a password or pin which have been pre-seted by you. You can also change the display icon and name to place it in disguise. If you cloned whatsapp, you can also implement the coloured themes and magic sticker features.

That’s how we call it a rap on this topic.

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