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Have you ever dreamt of investing in foreign bonds and stocks? Or probably you one day wish to invest in real estate but capital and the proper infrastructure is denying you of the privilege? Just worry no more because risevest gives you the ability to invest in American assets from Nigeria with as low as $10.

Risevest is a new startup in Nigeria and it is kind of powered by a microfinance bank and also partners with the famous payment technology gateway, paystack.

Is risevest legit

Personally, I have tried risevest and I can tell you it is very legit. It is not a Ponzi scheme or get rich quick scheme, therefore, there is no chances of it crashing. Also your money is also insured and covered by the central bank of Nigeria (CBN). 

How to risevest work

As I said earlier, risevest enbles you to invest in American assets such as real estate, bonds, stocks and mutual funds right from your bedroom here in Nigeria.

The minimum investment you can make is $10, making it extremely easy of anyone to start investing. The last time I checked $10 was equivalent to #3900.

How can I get started

To get started, you will need the following things

  • Your Bank verification Number (BVN), this is used to secure your funds from thieves
  • A means of identification. In this cause you can use your international passport, drivers license, voters card or even your student ID card.
  • Your complete and accurate  details such as your name, date of birth etc
  • You will also need a mastercard to make payments such as funding your investment plan.
  • Lastly, you will need a functional bank account to receive payment to. Do make sure that the name on the bank account matched with the name on the risevest account to avoid several complications in the future.

When you have got all those things ready, we will then move to the next stage.

Head straight to the Google play store or apple app store and download the risevest app.

Once the app is downloaded, install it on your mobile device. 

Launch the app and you would see two options, one telling you to sign in while the other saying sign up.

Click on sign up and fill the registration form.

Once you have filled the registration form, they will review your account and approve it within an hour.

After approval, you can now create an investment plan and fund it.

There are various options to invest in such as

  • American bonds and mutual funds which could yield up to 5% interest in 3 months
  • Real estate which could yield up to 10% interest in 3 months.
  • And finally stocks 

The higher the interest rate, the more likely or you not gaining profit at all.

The minimum duration for which you can invest is 3 months and you can choose to either turn on or turn off the auto invest function. The auto invest function would automatically roll over your investment into another investment plan when the original one is completed.

However, switch off the auto invest function, once your plans expires, the fund would be paid to your risevest wallet. From there, you can initial a withdrawal. Withdrawals are payed after 5 working days of requesting for it.

Please also note that when you create an investment plan with risevest, you cannot break it till the final day of the investment.

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