Smart business ideas for students

Students living a life of luxury in campus is not actually as easy as learning and demanding from your parents as statistics show that a stunning 60% of students in Nigeria Universities actually taking care of their needs by themselves. What this tells you is you gotta pick a side hustle alongside your education as you will need money to support a lot of things.

As a friend of mine would say, if your stomach hasn’t eaten your brain can never eat. What this actually means is that, if you are hungry you cannot read and if you cannot read, you cannot learn and if you can’t learn you certainly for your exams.

So today I’m going to be sharing with you some of the basic ways and businesses you can start on campus to earn you a side income at the end of every week. Some of them are easy some of them require that you acquire a skill. So if you find one in this list below, good luck.

Selling of cloths : students are always following the frenzy, what exactly is in voke. You could import them from China or find a supplier and sell them for a profit.

Selling of airtime : the moment when you hit your first 100 customers in this business, I can assure you that you would not need to ask your parents for anything.

Selling data is a very lucrative business because over 99 percent of students consume mobile data on a daily basis on all form of apps such as what’s app, Instagram or Facebook.

Selling books : can you remember we are actually talking about how to make money in school? Selling books seem to be too obvious but unfortunately, very few people are into this business.

As a careful guide, do not buy books you think people would buy instead buy books people are already looking for. Learn to capitalize on scarcity to create sales.

Bake for events : students love party and events. If you know how to bake some confectionery, you could be able to secure a lot of contracts with students in your department or faculty.

Consulting and Counseling : this is a very open industry and I am very amused how people have not noticed. This is a smart age where students in the university are having problems with relationships and addiction.

Most times they don’t like to seek advice from their course mate or roommate in order for their private life not to go viral.

So you could offer a consulting service for all these people and charge them per hour.

Phone and laptop repair : every student has a phone or a laptop, some have two phones at that. So if you know how to repair mobile devices you could make a huge amount of money helping them repair their devices for a fee. This could actually grow into a full-time business because it’s a trend of the day.

Blogging and internet Marketing : 30% of bloggers in Nigeria as students and they’re actually making a killing in blogging. With blogging you can a earn up to il#200000 a month by just putting your creative work into one blog. So if you could write and you have a friend who can design a blog for you why not start blogging today. who knows, it may turn to be in your full-time career.

Private Tutorials : private Tutorials is the order of the day. Many people don’t actually understand what they are being taught in class and they would need somebody to put them through, sometimes they search for people ahead of them while others look for people in their same category. So you could find some people who are passing through difficulties in their study and offer to put them through for a monthly fee.

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