Technical tools to build a standard blog

To build a blog you will need two things which is the technical know how and the technical tools.

So today I will be telling you what you will need (technical tools) to build a standard blog.

Many blogs are not standard because they lack the latest technologies and tools.

Technical tools

The technical tools are those things you need to purchase in order to get your website running at first and they include.

A domain name

A domain name is what most people call a web. Examples of which are, etc.

The later part of the domain which carries the .com,, .ng is called the domain name extension.

There are over fifty domain extensions available.

You can easily purchase a domain name from any domain registrar or reseller such as namecheap, GoDaddy or whogohost.

A web hosting plan.

Most people who are new in the business do not really get to understand what a web hosting plan mean.

For your website to be accessible via the Internet, it has to be hosting on a server that is connected to the internet.

You cannot host your website on your personally computer due to the fact that for your website to be accessible at all time on the internet, you system has to be powered on at all times and connected to the internet at all time too.

So to reduce the cost while improving performance, all you need to do is to rent a server from a web hosting company.

This is so affordable as it can start from 450 naira a month depending on the size of your website and the magnitude of traffic it is getting.


An SSL is a security certificate that is being purchased on your domain to proof to the internet that it is trustworthy.

It presence is usually denoted by an S after the HTTP. 

Whenever your website shows a http, it indicates warning and you need install an SSL certificate.

But Immediately you install it, you will notice it will start showing https. The S there denotes security and trust.

You will also need a software

A software is needed to build your website especially when you do not want to code your website from scratch.

There are a lot of website builders availible for free online but the most preferred for a standard blog is WordPress.

This is because of the flexibility and strength of the software.

WordPress is an open source software that is built with php programming language.

After installing WordPress on your web hosting plan, you will need to install a lot of plugin to enchance your site. Although it is quite impossible to list all the plugins on WordPress and their function because you will have to pick them depending on the functionality you will be needing on your blog.

So I will just be telling you some of the compulsory or important plugin you should have on your website.

The descriptions is going to be brief because I will be listing a lot of them

Askimet plugin

This plugin is used to automatically filter your comments.

Once your blog is launched, you will begin to get a lot of spamming comments and moderating over a thousand comments a day could be a lot of work.

So the plugin combined enhanced artificial intelligence to make the whole process system optimized.

Monster insight

Monster insight is one of the best Google analytical plugin you can have installed on your blog.

The plug-in also enables you to view you website analytics on your WordPress dashboard.

Insert headers and footers

This plugin is a major solution in WordPress.

Most times, you would need to verify you are the owner of your website by placing a piece of code within the head or foot tags of your website theme.

If you are not used to coding, you may destroy your website in the process, so insert headers and footer plugin helps you to insert the codes without having to temper with your WordPress theme.

Contact form 7 or WP forms.

This plugins helps you to insert a contact form in your website page or Post.

They are the best free plugins you can use for this function.


Yoast SEO.

This is a plug-in that helps you with so many search engine optimization feature such as generation of an xml sitemap and also guides you through the necessary steps to boost your onpage seo.

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