Top 3 most popular blogging software

A website is no longer a luxury as one can easier get a website for as low of fifteen thousand naira.

So today I am going to tell you the best possible ways you can build ablog for yourself or your business.

Blogging is a profitable venture any where around the world and Nigeria is not an exception.

The only things keeping most people back is that they think, they would need a lot of money to build a website. This is totally wrong, you can even set up your blog for free.

So without wasting anyone time, let’s quickly get into the issue of today, how can I create a blog?

There are various ways you may choose to create a blog and each of them comes with their various prices, advantages and disadvantages.

So I am going to be talking about the major ways you can do so. is a business software managed by WordPress and it has a free plan. All you need to do is download the WordPress app from the Google play store and you could set up a blog for free in no time. 

However, there is a lot of disadvantages when using, such as you would not have the liberty to do what you would love to do on your blog. 

In fact, the free version is totally restricted and I would refer to it as a complete crap.

You should never start a serious project on


Bloggers is built just for the act of blogging alone. It is a system acquired by Google that allows people create their blogs for free. However, if you need a custom domain name, you would have to purchase one.

Blogger is by far more preferred than WordPress because even at the free stage (it doesn’t even have a premium package), it is extremely flexible and you can monetize it using Google AdSense.

Also, they allow you to do whatever you want using your blog.

To create a blog using bloggers, all you simply need to do is open a Google email address popular called Gmail address and go to in that website you can get your blog up and running in less than ten minutes.

After setting up your blog, you would need to customize the look. To do this you will need to purchase a premium template and install it on your blog.

The speed of a blog hosted on bloggers software is extremely fast because the servers are owned and maintained by Google themselves.

This is the software that power over sixty percent of the websites on the internet.

WordPress is an open source software with a lot of capability. In fact, it is the best way to run a blog known to man.

You can create various forms of website with WordPress such as a forum like nairaland, an answer and question website like quora, a corporate website, a social media like Facebook and even a membership website and all these things are done without having any knowledge of coding.

To use, you would need to buy a domain name and connect it to a web hosting plan. You can get both the domain name and web hosting plan from bluehost at a great price.

After getting those two things ready, bluehost offers a one click WordPress installation.

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